Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Funny Foto Wednesday

I should have copied some of these for my maternity pictures.  Classy.  Very classy.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm Not Even Going to Try

I have a baby.  It's life changing to say the least.

I keep thinking to myself that I need to post on my blog - but I have nothing to talk about that isn't related to my lack of sleep and the fact that all I do every day is nurse, change diapers and then try to nap before nursing starts again.

One day I will go for a run again, and when I do, you guys will be the first ones to hear about it.

In the mean time, just tell me how beautiful my baby is:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mom Brain

 I'm too focused on this to think about anything else.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Labor Story

Let me share with you one of my favorite pictures from my labor/delivery.
This was pre-epidural.  It cracks me up.

My labor was easy... until it came time to push.  Baby Girl (oh, her name is Katie, by the way) was stuck in my pelvis.  Sort of diagonal and they couldn't figure out if she was posterior or not.  She was.  But she was stuck on my tailbone and every time that I would push, she would come down a little... and when I stopped pushing, she would suck back in.  I pushed for over 4 hours.  The doctor finally got her turned in the last 5 minutes of pushing and then used a vacuum to help her come out.  It was pretty intense.

I'm recovering. She was totally worth it.

My water broke at 10:30pm on Tuesday the 19th.  I had been having contractions all afternoon and evening without realizing what they were.  When I got to the hospital at 11pm, I was already dialated to a 3.  An hour later I was at a 6 and then just before 1am I was to a 9... the doctor came in and said - that's not a 9... that's a 10 and it's time to push!  But she wasn't coming down, so they hooked me up to Pitocin and let me rest for a few hours to see if she would move down on her own.  We started pushing again just after 4am and Katie was born at 8:48am.

6lbs 7.4 oz and 19 inches long.  A pretty good size for a 35 week baby.  She hasn't had any problems, other than a little jaundice that she had to be under lights for.
We are totally and completely in love with her.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I have a baby.
She is so beautiful.

Friday, October 15, 2010

To the Nice Lady at Costco:

Thank you for taking pity on a swollen pregnant woman and letting me go in front of you to buy my delicious skim milk.

In other news - I'm on partial bedrest.  Straight home from work and I'm not allowed to be up for the rest of the night.  My blood pressure was up again today and I'm staying home from work.  My husband told me that I'm not allowed to do the dishes or any laundry today.  I just have to stay down.

I'm bored already.

But I will do what I have to do to keep this little girl "cooking" for as long as possible.  The doctor said she will probably be coming early.  I hope to make it at least 2 more weeks.  Cross your fingers for me, okay?  My next appointment is on Wednesday.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Monday, October 11, 2010


I woke up Saturday morning to my husband saying, "It's your baby shower today - it feels kind of like Christmas!"

I completely agree!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Try Not to Stress

I had a doctor's appointment this morning.  34 weeks (tomorrow).  My blood pressure is up.  Kind of high.  Oh, and I gained 9 lbs in two weeks.  And I'm swollen.

He didn't say it, but I know that he was thinking it: Preeclampsia/Pregnancy Induced Hypertension.  All that he said was that he wanted to see me next week, instead of in two weeks.

So, hopefully this will be motivation for me to start exercising again (walking only, of course) and will help me eat better.  Not that I've been eating really bad... but I haven't been paying attention to how much sodium I've been taking in, until Thursday morning when I had gained 3 lbs from the day before after eating Mexican food for dinner. 

And now I can't get my wedding band off my finger.

So - you know - it's a good start to the weekend.  BUT!  My very first baby shower is tomorrow and I can't wait!

Oh, and the doctor thought that the baby might be breech (feet first, instead of head first), so I got to see my baby girl for about 45 seconds. She's head down - thank HEAVEN. And what I thought was her butt stuck in my ribs is actually her little feet. I could see her little toes on the screen. They look very cute.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Note to My Nikes

Dear Running Shoes,

I'm sorry that I've neglected you.  At this point in my pregnancy, I can't bend over to tie you up, and even if I could... I probably wouldn't.  My swollen feet and aching back beg me to lay on the couch as soon as I walk in the door from work.  This baby sure does take up a LOT of room these days.  But I'm trying not to complain. 

I hope you'll forgive me after Christmas, when I come crawling back to you.  I've already signed us up for 2 half marathons in the spring and I'm looking forward to pounding the pavement with you again.

In the mean time, I'm growing a small person and it takes all of my energy.  But I know that you'll be waiting for me.  You'll always be waiting for me, won't you?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Large Marge

There is a large baby growing in my belly.  I honestly have no idea where she is going to go... I don't have wide enough hips for her to hide in (for which I'm grateful, even if it means discomfort for the next 2 months).  I will probably be pretty scary looking by the end.  At least, my mother seems to think so, since she is always saying how huge I am right now.

I don't have much to share.  I haven't done any walking for a couple of weeks.  And I don't really care.  We've been busy getting the house in order, having mid-week date nights and attending our labor classes at the hospital.  And it has been a lot of fun.

So I'll leave you with another maternity photo.  I'm obsessed with them.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

I Hate Needles

*Copying this exact same post from my personal blog - just to keep you peeps informed.  It's one of the reasons that I haven't posted in over a week.*

You see this?
I recently had a date with one of these for a core biopsy. I wanted to cry/scream/barf/pass out/cry.

Do you know how scary it is to find a lump? Well, I'll tell you... it's really scary.

But the good news is that it is benign.

Friday, September 10, 2010

30 Weeks and Counting...

I have nothing to report when it comes to exercising/running.  I'm "taking a break"... just because of the fact that I'm exhausted when I get home from work (what the heck am I so tired from?  reading blogs and playing Farmville on Facebook?).  I plan to start walking again next week.  The weather is FINALLY cooling off and I plan to take full advantage of it.

In other news, I have only 10 weeks until my due date.  We cleaned out the baby's room and over the long weekend set up the crib and dresser.  I like to walk into that room every day now and just look at it. 

AND!  I finally bought an outfit for the baby.  We had been getting lots of clothes from people (especially the grandmas), but I wanted to buy at least ONE outfit for my little girl (yes, I realize that I will be buying clothes for her for the next 20+ years, but I wanted to get something in the teeny, tiny baby size).  So I bought a cute little layette set that she will, most likely, come home from the hospital in.  November can't come soon enough, and with the way this pregnancy has gone for me, it will be here before I know it.  I can't wait!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Better Than a Kick in the Pants

Today is the last day of the challenge from Tall Mom to go 80 miles in August.

Uh... I didn't make it.  As a matter of fact, I sucked it up royally.

But it was good motivation to get me off the couch 10 times during the month. 

And 10 is better than 0.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Major Award(s)

I have received two blogging "awards" in the last couple of weeks.  I'm a slacker and try to ignore them, but I'm not going to anymore.

First: Candice "nominated" me for the Versatile Blogger.  I accept.
As part of this award, I must share seven things about myself.

1. When I was in the ninth grade, I cut ALL of my hair off.  The hair on the top of my head was not even 2 inches long.  It took until my senior year of high school to grow it out to my shoulders.  And I vowed NEVER to cut it that short again.

2.  Also in the 9th grade, I went out for the high school track team.  I thought that I could do hurdles.  Um no.  Then I thought that I could be a sprinter.  I'm not going to tell you how many times I almost came in last in every heat that I ran.

3.  I have been salmon fishing in Alaska.

4.  I was a singer in a blues band.  And even though I say "blues", I mean classic rock, blues and a whole bunch of other random songs.  It was me, my dad, one of his buddies from work, a friend of that guy and a neighbor.  So, men over 40 and then me.

5.  I can not say "No" to homemade chocolate chip cookies.  And I never will.

6.  My husband told me that he loved me and wanted to marry me on our second date.  We were officially engaged three weeks later.  Sometimes, when you know - you know.

7.  I truly believe that Disneyland is "the happiest place on Earth".  I absolutely love it!

Second blogging award that I've received is the Cherry On Top from Amanda.
And I must answer this question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?

The only thing that I would change would be to go back to high school and take the college level courses, that gave you college credit.  And then after high school, going first to the community college, instead of jumping into the univeristy level that weeded me right out of college.  I probably would have "stayed in school" if I would have approached it differently.
Oh!  And I would have joined the cross-country team!

So there you have it.  Both of these blogging awards have gone around and around the internet, so I'm not going to pick more people to do them... because pretty much everyone already has!  But thank you for choosing me!  And for reading my blog.

May the force be with you.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jamba Juice Virtual 5K

"Race day" started with a breakfast of Multigrain Cheerios.  I got all strapped into my tummy support belt and pinned on my race bib.
The "starting line" was basically in my backyard.  The husband walked over with me... and there was someone hogging the course!!  So I waited... and my husband got on the recumbent bike.  5 minutes later, the treadmill was free and I got myself ready to go.

The gun goes off.  And I flip the channel to the Animal Planet (there really isn't much on TV on a Saturday morning, and I didn't want to watch an infomercial for the Magic Bullet again).

10 minutes into the race, I decide to try jogging one more time.  I lasted 4 minutes before it hurt too much.  I just need to accept that I'm not able to run anymore.

Halfway point my husband hands me his water bottle from the bike.

.6 miles to go... husband is done on the bike and heads for the house.

3.13 miles in 49:58.  15:58 minute mile.  Not so great... but hey - I'm 7 months pregnant!
After the "race" I went to my local Jamba Juice and treated myself to an Aloha Pineapple.  It was yummy.  But did I remember to take a picture before I had slurped the whole thing down and thrown the cup away?  Of course not.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Virtual Race

I'm "racing" in a virtual 5K tomorrow.  I will be walking.

I am VERY excited.  And I think it's because it's a "race" (and I wasn't planning to race again in 2010).

I even made myself a bib.  Because I'm cool like that.

Full race report coming tomorrow!  I'm still trying to figure out a "course".  It will most likely be the treadmill.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tour of Utah

For anyone that has ever watched the Tour de France coverage, I met Bob Roll over the weekend.
I also watched Levi Leipheimer win the Tour of Utah.
My dad is a cyclist that runs (he is currently training for the St. George marathon in October).  We went to two stages over the weekend and got to meet a couple VERY COOL cyclists. It made him very happy.
Which makes me happy.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

We're Walking, We're Walking...

Yes, I'm still walking.  Every night this week as a matter of fact.  But that doesn't mean I'm going to make 80 miles in August.  As of today, I'm 21 miles behind.

But you know what's awesome?  I've stayed at the same weight for the last 2 weeks.  It's very exciting!  I was gaining weight pretty fast for a couple weeks and I'm happy to see that the scale hasn't continued skyward.  (I know that weight gain is essential and healthy during pregnancy, but as a woman, it is very hard to see your weight creep up every couple of days.)

In other news, I'm happy to report that we bought our very first furniture piece for Baby's room.  A dresser.  Now it just has to get here, and it should within a week or two.  Then I'll have SOMETHING in that room, besides boxes of diapers and wipes... and the ironing board... and my old Super Nintendo.  And boxes of junk (that we plan to get rid of this weekend).

I think that my husband has entered his very own "nesting" stage.

I like it.

Friday, August 13, 2010

To Dream the Impossible Dream

I'm not going to make my goal of 80 miles for August.  It just isn't going to happen.

Honestly, I don't know what possessed me to think that I could reach this amount of miles when I'm not running... and when I'm in my third trimester of pregnancy... and when it's hot.  I'm already too hot.

Even though I have been walking (almost) daily, every time that I get online, I see that I'm falling farther and farther behind my goal.  And really, I don't have the time to walk even farther every day to try to catch up.  Do you realize how long it takes to walk 5 miles?  I'll tell you, it takes (me) an hour and 40 minutes.  And after an hour of walking, my feet and back are aching, so I'm not planning to add another 40 minutes to that.

But if I'm walking for two... does that mean that I can double my miles?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I've been walking for the last 3 nights in a row.

This morning I got on the scale and it shows that I'm down 1.5lbs.

Unexpected?  Yes. 

Motivation to keep it up?  HECK YES!!!

65.4 miles to go.

Monday, August 9, 2010


I give in too easy to any excuse to not exercise these days.  It is the "monsoon" season here in Utah and what it means for our desert is afternoon/evening thundershowers.  Sorry, but I'm not walking in a thunder shower.  And while, yes, I could have gone over to the clubhouse treadmill... I didn't.

As of this morning I am 12 miles behind.  Poop.

But I did get out last night (it wasn't stormy) for 2.5 miles.

It's a new week and I will try again.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Accepting a Challenge

Tall Mom posted a challenge for the month of August.  Walk, jog, run... 80 miles.  And I've decided to go for it!  I'm going to confess right now, I have NEVER hit 80 miles in a month.  Isn't that kind of sad, with how many half marathons I've trained for?  Yeah well, obviously I'm not really good at training.

The challenge goes until September 2nd... and if you started on August 2nd, then it equates to 2.5 miles per day.  I have no idea if I will be able to do this, as I will basically be walking all of the miles.  But I'm going to try!

Really, how hard should this be?  There is a treadmill at my clubhouse that I could get on every day for an hour and crank this out.  I'll expect you 35 readers of mine to keep me honest and motivated.

Monday, August 2, 2010

More Hot Fudge, Please

I've been using pregnancy and the heat of the summer as an excuse to sit at home all evening and eat ice cream.  And now it's starting to show on the scale and in my face.  Excellent.


So I made myself get off the couch tonight (after the sun had gone down) and went for a 2 mile walk.  And I decided to test out jogging with my 6 month belly.  I think that I might have jogged for a total of .4 miles, but that's better than nothing, right?  And the fact that it was UPHILL jogging makes it even BETTER, right?  Right?

By the time I got home, I was sweating to death and had a few bug-friends attached to my hair and shirt.  I got in the shower before bed, blew my nose and found another bug-friend that I snorted during the walk.

6 months down... 3.5 to go!

Monday, July 26, 2010

When Its Over

Friday morning I went out for a walk.  I went to my favorite 3 mile loop around the lake.  I strapped on my new support belt, filled up a water bottle and headed out.

I walked for the first 2 miles, then jogged for about a half a mile before I got too freaking HOT and had to walk again.  I guess the support belt helped... but it can't do much for the interior movements of my uterus, so it still felt like my baby might come falling out.

I'm pretty much done with running for the rest of my pregnancy.  Unless I can find a place that is 60ยบ and take frequent breaks.  It's disappointing, when I see other women that ran up until the week before they gave birth.  But every woman is different and every pregnancy is different and if it's uncomfortable, it's uncomfortable and I'm not going to be more uncomfortable than I have to be.

So... my blog is going to be pretty boring for the next few months.  Sorry.  I'll understand if you don't come back, because all you'll be getting is bump updates and then MILLIONS of baby pictures once the little girl is here.

I'm just warning you now.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


This Saturday is a Utah state holiday.  And right now, the countdown is on... I get off work at noon and have a 3.5 day weekend!  I am SO excited!  I have no plans, other than I'm going to enjoy myself.  If that means that I'm camped out on the couch all day tomorrow, filling my day with a Harry Potter marathon, or I get in a "nesting" mode and decide to clean the house from top to bottom... or if I decide to rack up some debt and go shopping for something for the nursery (can you believe that the ONLY thing I've bought for my little girl so far is boxes of diapers and wipes?  I need to start buying hairbows, so she can have one for every day of the year!).  Or maybe I'll go for a walk/run.

I haven't run since the 10K.  I keep thinking that I'm going to... but I don't.  I've been doing my weight training for 2 weeks now, but that's all.  I don't know if I can handle running any more.  After the 10K, I was sore for days... in an area that most of you don't want me to name, but I'm going to anyway.  BIRTH CANAL.  Sorry, but there you have it.  During a run my swollen uterus pounds on said BC, and it is VERY uncomfortable to say the least.  I might try it one more time (I did buy an awesomely fugly support belt that I need to test), but maybe I'll just content myself with walking. 

I ran for the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy and I pretty much ROCKED all of my races this year.  I am VERY happy with my accomplishments (so far) for 2010.

Monday, July 19, 2010


I had my first experience of swollen ankles last week.

It scared me.

It sickened me.

My ankle bones had disappeared in a matter of minutes.

My husband laughed at me and started calling me "Cankles".

I told him to find a new place to sleep.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Get Back

Oh, Paul... you are so incredibly amazing!

10 points to whoever can name this athlete (L.B. I'm looking at you!) that we met as we were leaving.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Band on the Run

I haven't run since that 10K over a week ago.  I'm waiting for a support belt/contraption to be delivered this week... but in the mean time, I've decided to start lifting weights.

On Saturday I started up ChaLEAN Extreme again.  It's a 90 day program that focuses on weight lifting to build muscle that will in turn burn fat and make you look lean and toned, without bulking you up (at least, that's the sell to women who don't have lots of testoterone to help them bulk up).  And I've been feeling mighty flabby lately.  I need to get my muscles ready to handle my 15 lb baby that I'm sure to have.

Seriously!  Look at this ginormous belly!!  Who looks that big at only 21 weeks without being pregnant with multiple babies?
You should all be jealous... we're going to Paul McCartney tonight!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Photos from the 10K

I just saw these pictures and thought that I would share.  (Yes, I know there is a copyright on these... but I'm just sharing.)

Standard face that I throw out to the photographers.  Pretty cute, eh?
Baby bump!
Sprint to the finish!!

P.S. WHY do they have to charge so FREAKING much for race pictures?  I would gladly buy them if they were reasonable.  I mean, come on!  This isn't Disneyland!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Riverton Country Mile 10K

Before I tell you about the race, we had our 20 week ultrasound on Friday.  Here's a picture of my little girl - waving at you.
The ultrasound was a really neat experience.  I loved seeing her little heart beat on the screen and to watch her legs and arms move and twitch (and to feel those movements, while watching them was really fun).

So Saturday morning, I ran a 10K with my dad and one of my sisters.  My only goal was to come in under 1:10 (giving myself plenty of time, since I've slowed down and the course was going to be hot and hilly).  I did better than 1:10.

NEW P.R. OF 59:13!!!!

Can you believe it?  I can't!  I had no idea that I was doing so well (when I look down at my Garmin in a race, I almost never look at the total time, I just check what my pace is).  I came around the corner for the finish and was looking in the crowd for my husband and family, but all that I saw was my sister and she started to point at the timer above the finish and I saw that it was at 59:08!  I yelled out - NO WAY!!  And started to sprint.  It was AWESOME!!!  Not even a minute later, I saw my husband come running up and he says, "We saw you sprinting to the finish line as we were driving up!  I can't believe you have a new PR!"  And then he patted my stomach and said, "Good job, Baby."
I'm sort of in shock about it.  I walked twice on the course - with both water stops.  The race had 700 ft of GAIN (and loss, since it ended at the same place that it started).  My sister ran with me for the first 5 miles and then she took off to catch my dad (who also has a new PR of 57:20-ish and he was hoping to come in under an hour).  It was a fun race and I'll probably have to do it again next year, to see how I do without a baby bouncing on me for 6.2 miles.

The doctor told me to keep running, if I feel up to it.  I think that I do, but I'm going to cut my mileage down to 4 or under.  It starts to hurt too much after that.  But I'm glad that I can keep doing it.  Hopefully, at the very least, I can for another month.  I don't know how far into my third trimester he will let me run or if I will even want to when the baby is even bigger. 

Oh, and I've got to find some support to run/walk/exercise with.  I have diastasis (which is that my abdominal wall is separating right down the middle... and it BURNS).  It's pretty common, but I hate it.  I guess if it's the only thing that I've had to complain about in my pregnancy so far, I should be happy.  I'm halfway through and have only 4.5 months left until I get to see my little princess!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Will 2011 Be the Year?

Here's the thing: I am seriously considering running a marathon next fall.

Since I started to run, I have ALWAYS said that I would NEVER run a full marathon.  Why would I want to put my body through the kind of torture?  Why would I want to run for 5 hours straight (because I'm sure that is how long it will take me)?  Who has the time to run for 4 hours every week or two for training?

Earlier this year, I was inspired to do run a marathon by Christy.  She invited me to do the DisneyWorld Marathon with her again in 2011 and I was seriously planning on it and working towards it - and then I found out that I was pregnant.  I was disappointed about the marathon, but excited for the baby (since we had been trying for a year and I was about to go visit my doctor about it).

Within the last month, the idea of running a marathon has kept coming back to me.  I would really like to try it, at least once... just to say that I did it, and then I can go back to half marathons (I love the distance - it challenges you without putting SO much strain on your body).  And I've thought about it so much, that I've already picked out the race that I want to do.  The St. George Marathon.  It's a lottery to get in (you apply in April, I think) and if I don't get in... I already have a back-up race in mind.

The only thing that would stop me is the fact that I will have an infant for all of the training and the race.  It won't be easy to train.

So - anyone out there that has run a marathon within a year after giving birth?  Is it not as hard as I think it will be or is it harder than I think it will be?  Should I go for it or should I stick to half marathons and save it for another couple of years down the road, when I won't be working full-time plus staying up nights with a baby?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Attack of the Birds; Part II

I'm not running that way until after the nesting season is over... when is that anyway?  October?  I'll be too big at that point, so I guess I won't be going that direction on foot until January 2011.

They came after me again.  And this time, a lady walking her dog got to witness my running/flailing/yelping.  At one point, I turned my head around to see where the black devil was, and it was diving right for my head!  I ran faster.

I ended the 6 miles on a different route and with a VERY bizarre pain in my nether-regions.  I have a doctor appointment on Friday, so I'll be asking about it and if I can keep running.  I have a 10K on Saturday, but if I have to walk it, I will.  But I think it will be okay.  I'm pretty sure (hoping) that it was just muscle/ligament stretching that happens with pregnancy.

Also, my pace has slowed WAY down with pregnancy and the heat.  This is going to be a LONG summer.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Out of a Hitchcock Movie

Last night, I talked my husband into going for a walk with me.  We went up to the little lake that I love and did the top half, then he wanted to go home - so I said that I would walk home and he could leave (I didn't really feel too bad - he works on his feet for 10 hours a day, whereas I sit on my butt for 9 hours a day).  So I start heading home and decide to jog until I get to the bottom of the hill.

At the bottom I'm walking along under some trees, minding my own business.  Then I hear birds above me.  2 birds.  That obviously had a nest in a tree.  And they obviously think that I'm a coming after them ("Serpent!  SER-PENT!!" - Name that Disney movie and you get 10 gold stars) and they start to fly above me and come for my head! 


So I start to run again.  And I'm watched by at least 7 cars that are waiting at the intersection.  I'm pretty sure that I have my hands over my head at one point.

I barely escaped with my life.

The End.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Wasatch Back

Wednesday night, as I am in the Sea-Tac airport, I get a text from Christy.  She can't run the Wasatch Back relay anymore (because of her job with Ragnar)... so I've lost the only person that I knew on the team, and my ride up to the start in Logan, UT.  I tried not to stress out about it, and Thursday morning I lucked out and found a ride with a girl that would be in my van, who also didn't know anyone.

We get up to Logan for the van decorating party and meet the rest of the people on our team.  Then a few of the girls were all staying together and I was invited to stay with them.  After about 5 hours of crappy sleep (I slept on the floor and it wasn't very comfortable), we are up and heading to the starting line.

6:30am, our first runner starts and we are on our way, 188.2 miles, to Park City, UT.

I was runner #2 and my first leg was 6.7 miles.  I felt really good and my van was really AWESOME support!  I ran a 10 minute mile and finished in 68 minutes (Garmin said I ran 6.8 miles).

After our van finished our first leg, we headed up to the next exchange for some rest and food.  They had massage therapists up there, and I got a 10 minute massage - it was so FREAKING awesome!  She found some drainage points on my feet to help the poor pregnant lady's swollen legs and feet.  LOVED IT!

The second round of running came around 5:30pm.  It was HOT!  I ran my leg (3 miles) at about 6:30pm and did 10 minute miles again.

After the van finished (it was almost 9pm when we were done), we headed up to the next major exchange and tried to get some sleep.  I'm pretty sure we got there after 11:30pm and then we had to be up and ready for our last runs at 4:30am.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure that I got 1.5 hours of sleep... in maybe 15-20 minute intervals. 

My last run started just before 6:30am.  I had only 3.3 miles to run... but it was seriously the HARDEST run that I have ever done in my LIFE!  I had no energy for my run after such a crappy night's sleep, plus just being drained from the day before and not having "real" food to refuel with.

Our van finished and then went up to the finish line to wait for Van 2 to come in, so that we could all run across the finish line together.  Our team officially finished in 33:59:29.  Thirty-four FREAKING hours!  It was insane... but so much fun.  I really didn't think that I would have as much fun as I did, especially with not knowing ANYONE on the team.

Will I do it again next year?  I don't think so.  The rumor is that they will have DOUBLE the amount of people running, and I thought it was out of control with as many people as they had this year (around 20,000).  So maybe I'll look into doing another Ragnar somewhere else, like Vegas or Arizona or Southern California.  Who knows?  It was awesome, and I'd like to do it again... but just with less people.

And instead of posting a billion pictures on here, I'll give you the link to my small album on Facebook.

P.S. I couldn't believe how many pregnant women I saw running - farther along in their pregnancies than me, and running tougher legs!  Pregnant runners RULE!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Speaking of Hills

Check out this monster that I ran up in Edmonds, WA on Monday morning (just ignore the incredibly stupid look on my face - I don't know what I was doing).
We just got back last night from our trip to the Seattle area and I'm leaving in less than an hour for the Ragnar Relay tomorrow.  I'm excited - and bummed.  Christy isn't able to run on my team anymore and I don't know anyone on the team.  But it will still be an adventure and hopefully I make 11 new friends! 

I'll have a full report on Sunday or Monday.  I hope I don't die.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Run Up Hills

After Saturday's run in the heat, I decided to try running in the morning before work.  I got out Tuesday and Wednesday morning, but not today.  I didn't want to run in the rain.

Tuesday morning I ran only 2 miles, but I threw a nasty hill into it.  Up and over and at the bottom was exactly a mile, so I turned right around and went back up and over again.  When I turned around I "merged" with a group of three other ladies running up.  And then they each had to stop to walk at different points.  TAKE THAT!!  The pregnant chick is running up and over the hill!  One of the ladies caught me on the downhill... but I'm not going to let fly on the way down and risk tripping.  So whatever lady - you can claim that, if you want.

Yesterday morning was 3 miles on a different route.  I still had a hill, but it was less steep and over a longer distance (probably a half mile to the top).  My legs were really quite sore yesterday, which was weird.  I always run that hill... it's my normal running route up to the lake.  But the legs are feeling good today and I'll be running tomorrow morning again. 

I don't know if I will be able to get any more runs in before Ragnar (we're going out of town) and I am stressing out.  I am NOT prepared for this.  But it will be an adventure and I'm still excited for it.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hot Legs

Thank you for the well wishes with our baby girl.  It's so funny, because as we went into the doctor's appointment, we were both sure that it was going to be a boy.  But we are SO excited for this baby.  We really didn't have a preference and all we want is a healthy baby.  Is that too much to ask for?  (By the way, this was an early look at the baby, and we go back in a few weeks for the big 20 week ultrasound where they look at all of the fingers and toes and heart and lungs... and there is still a small chance that Baby Girl could turn into a Baby Boy!)

Saturday morning I went out with plans for a 10K run (I've got the Wasatch Back relay in less than two weeks and I am NOT prepared for it!).  But the weather decided to turn into summer over the weekend I wasn't ready for the heat.  So I crapped out and only did a 5K.  But at least I got out there, right?

It was a slower pace.  I had to walk after 2 miles, to make sure that I didn't overheat.  Next time I go out, I will go a couple of hours earlier.  Dang Utah weather decided to go from the 60s to the upper 80s over the last 4 days and I really don't do well in the heat.

Friday, June 4, 2010

It's A...

I'm so excited that I can't even see straight!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

15 Weeks and 5 Miles

I love three day weekends!  And while I didn't do much (that's always the best part of a holiday, right?), I did get out and ran 5 miles yesterday morning.  I ran from my house, to my parent's house and then they made me breakfast.  I felt really good and got stopped only twice along the way.  The first was a stop light that took FOREVER to change!  Holy crap - I'm pretty sure that I wasted a minute and a half just waiting for the light to change!  It totally killed that mile, as I had just come off a STEEP downhill and had been really cruising!  Oh well.

The other stop was at a small pasture where a momma horse and her super cute little filly were.  So I had to stop and making kissing noises at the baby and try to coax it over to me.  It didn't work, so I started running again.  Stingy little filly.  By the way - I'm a BIG TIME sucker for horses.

In other things - check out the belly!  And just so you know, this "belly" is mostly just my insides being pushed up (and out).  And I've been feeling "Baby" move for the last couple of days.  It's a VERY weird feeling.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Slow Motion Running

Last night, I ran with Christy (from It Just Looks Like Slow Motion).  We've been friends since high school (Christy graduated the year before me).  We were in choir together and sat next to each other for a year.  I loved the girl then and I still love the girl now.  Last night was the first time that we had seen each other for EIGHT years.  CRAZY!  We found each other again a couple of years ago through our personal blogs and discovered that we both had picked up running at the same time.

Christy has been a pretty big inspiration in my running.  We're almost exactly the same pace (she thinks that I'm faster than her, and I think that she is faster than me) and we've done a lot of the same distances (yeah, I've done more half marathons than her, but she did a FULL marathon in January and plans to do THREE more this fall/winter!).

Anyway, last night I met her at my favorite running path.  It's almost exactly a 5K around this man-made lake near my house.  It rolls a little, but the path is great and it's really pretty up there (except when you are eating bugs, like we were last night - and when I got in my car and looked in the mirror, I had a bug plastered under my eye - Christy, why didn't you tell me this??) and it has never gotten boring for me.  So we went around once and we were both suffering.  It was pretty hilarious.  I never, EVER talk during runs like I did with her and it had a major affect on my breathing, which made me work a lot harder than I wanted to.  And she is still trying to acclimate to the altitude.  We just kept laughing at how pathetic it was.  But we're going to meet up again next week!  I already can't wait! 

And I'll have to run more before then, so I don't look as pathetic.  Anything that I can use for motivation, right?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Stop Traffic 5K/10K

Race day 5:50am: wake up to alarm and the sound of pouring rain.  Great.

6:30am: breakfast is digesting (peanut butter on whole wheat toast, if you really wanted to know) and we're waiting for my dad to pick us up (us being me and the hubby).

7:30am: arrive at the race finish line to pick up our packets.  Skullcandy earbuds in bag.  Sweet!  Rain has stopped but it is chilly (in the 40's).

8am: race director talks about the cause and thanks everyone for coming out.  Then we are divided into the 5K groups and 10K groups and lead to our different starting lines.  Different, but whatever.

8:08am: horn sounds and me and my dad start.  The hubby is running the 5K.

So the route for the race is along the outside of a park in downtown Salt Lake City.  The 5K goes around 2 times and the 10K goes around 4 times.  It was pretty boring, but nice at the same time.  It was totally flat which made me really like it.
The rain stayed away for the entire race and on the second lap, I had to peel off my rain jacket and throw it on the trunk of the car as we ran past it.  That was kind of fun, since I knew that when the hubby was done with his race, he would go to the car and get the camera and put our jackets away (instead of throwing it on the ground and hoping no body walked off with it).

Lap 3, I had to warn the hubby that I was coming past him (he wasn't paying attention and still putting the jackets away and grabbing the camera) - I always clap to get his attention so that I don't have to waste breath yelling at him.  He snapped a photo and I was on my last time around.  I would see him again in about 12 minutes.
(No, my stomach isn't as weird looking as that, I had a support belt wrapped around me - the baby decided to push all of my innards up and out on Friday, so I've got a nice little pooch now.)

For the entire race, my dad and I had stayed within 10 yards of each other and as my "finish line" song came on my iPod, I hit the gas.  I thought for sure that my dad would keep up with me (he always does - actually, he usually BEATS me in every race that we run together).  But I ended up coming in almost exactly a minute ahead of him.  I picked off a few girls that had been in front of me the whole race in those last 3 minutes and as I turned off the "loop" to the finish line area, I really took off.  I'm pretty sure I made one girl mad by saying, "Race ya!" as I sprinted past in the last 15 yards of the race.

Hubby was there to cheer for me with his sister and her husband, who also ran the 5K.  The finish sprint picture didn't turn out.  Totally blurry.  I guess I'm just too fast for the camera to catch me.

Finish time: 1:00:23 on Garmin and Garmin said that I ran 6.44.  Official time said 1:00:48.  11th in my age group.  23rd overall.  This was another small race (about 350 runners in both the 5K and 10K).  Small races are more fun for me... I like finishing within the top 25, it makes me feel special.

P.S.  The hubby is fast and came in 3rd in his age group.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ugh, ugh, UGH!

"I've lost my mojo!" 

I keep hoping and hoping that I will have the desire to run again, but so far... I still don't want to do it.  I get home from work and just want to lay around.  I don't really FEEL tired, but maybe I am?  I'm pretty sure it's all in my head though.

On Saturday, I told myself that I was going to run 7 miles.  I didn't.  Tonight I need to run 4 miles... and I am already coming up with excuses not to do it.

I have a 10K to run on Saturday.  I'm not prepared, but I'm not worried about it.  I'm pretty sure that's my problem.  When I signed up, I said that I would do it "just for fun" and not worry about my time. 

It will be interesting to see how slowly I do it, or if I get caught up in the "race" and end up hurting myself.  I've been known to do that.

But - I'm not worried.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Poor Pitiful Me

I've been letting the weather be an excuse to skip runs for the last week.  Last night, the hubby wanted to run together, so we got in our gear and were ready to head up to our 3 mile trail and it started to rain.  I didn't want to give up so easy (actually, I really did, but I know that I need to run if I have a 10K race next weekend!), so we went over to our little clubhouse to take turns on the Dreadmill.  Oh treadmill - how I LOATHE thee!!!  I made Hubby go first, because he's a faster runner than me and I am really pathetic on a treadmill.  Those numbers get in my head and I get WAY too hot and start to freak out.  It's quite funny to watch (or so he tells me).  So I get on the recumbent bike and plug in a 20-minute program.  I went 4 miles in 20-minutes and I thought that was pretty pathetic (yes, I do have a road bike and love to cycle - I've done a few organized rides with my husband and dad - 70 miles being the longest ride).  And then when I got on the treadmill I made it 3 minutes before I had to jump off and use the bathroom.  Hooray for pregnancy!  And then... I made it 12 more minutes before I gave up.  I went a whopping 1.5 miles.

Treadmill: 1
Whitney: 0

And yet, I still think that if I had a treadmill in my own home, I would use it all the time and would be able to go longer.  And I really think that I could.  Because I could zone out to a movie (like say, Ironman or Lord of the Rings or Finding Nemo!) on my own TV, instead of whatever crap is on the 13 inch screen attached to the wall.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wind of Change

Yowza!  Look at that graph!  Last night's run was tough - made even worse by the wind.  But at least I got out there and did something, right?

That biggest dip just after the first mile was completed was coming downhill, into a bridge tunnel and the wind was so strong it felt like I was running in place.  Awesome.

My pace was all over the place.  Mile 2 I got an awesome stitch on my right side, but was trying to keep up with my husband... so I just kept going.  I was trying to exhale when my left foot hit the ground, but it wasn't working and I was breathing too hard (and not in a rhythm) for it to work.  Anyone have a good tip for getting rid of a side stitch, without walking?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Race

I signed up for another 10K race on Friday.  It's on Saturday the 22nd in downtown Salt Lake City.  It's called the Stop Traffic race and the entry money goes to helping rescue victims of human trafficking around the world.  I'd say that's a pretty good cause for my $25, right?  Plus, another technical race shirt?  I'm in!

I haven't run since the Earth Day 10K that I did... I guess I better get out there again tonight!  6 weeks until the Wasatch Back!

If anyone wants to know - I'm 11 weeks now and still feel fabulous!  I'm getting really lucky with this pregnancy and have had no symptoms, for which I'm grateful.  We get to hear the heartbeat on Wednesday and I can't wait!  Since I don't have symptoms reminding me that I'm pregnant, it's easy to kind of forget and just go along with my life (also it's easy to freak out that nothing is happening inside of me - but I try to stay away from those thoughts).  Wednesday will be very exciting for us!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 10K

I have completed my first 10K race. 

It was a harder course than I thought and I'm ashamed to say it: I walked.  For about 20 seconds (I had to readjust my stupid jacket that was tied around my waist - it had my cell phone in it and was bouncing all over the place - I solved that problem by shoving it down my shorts).

This course had a LOT of elevation change and Mile 4 had 2 freaking steep hills in a row.  BUT!  I plowed up and didn't walk.

Automatic PR of 59:58.  And I was pumped that I made it under an hour with those stupid hills.  Go me!  I even came in 6th in my age group and only 22nd overall.  I love small races!
I like that I look like I'm dying.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Salt Lake City 1/2 Marathon

This was my fourth appearance at the SLC1/2.  Four years ago, this was my very first race that I had ever done, and now I have a hard time missing it.  It's become a tradition of sorts with my family, but this year had the least amount of participation from Family B.  Just me, my sister and her husband, and my dad.

The night before the race, I had a hard time falling asleep.  I get really wound up about this race for some reason.  So I think that I got MAYBE 6 hours - which isn't too big of a deal, but I normally get over 8, plus I'm pregnant, so I like my sleep.

Anywho, when we get up to the starting area, we have about 15 minutes before the race would start, so we jumped in the CRAZY port-a-potty lines.  Good heavens, every year that I do this race, the support and planning just get worse and worse.  I keep telling myself that I'm not going to do it anymore because I'm so fed up with how much they charge as an entry fee - and then they have the WORST support of any race that I've participated in.  I mean, what kind of an idiot doesn't plan to have enough CUPS at water stations?!  It was absolutely ridiculous - plus they were short on port-a-potties at EVERY station along the route.  There were lines that were more than 20 people long.  I'm oretty sure those people lost MINUTES from their time.

So I'm in the Honey Bucket line when the gun goes off.  Usually, once this happens, 80% of the people ditch from line to start running - but this year that didn't happen.  I guess everyone is catching on to the fact that it is chip-timed and your time doesn't start with the gun.  So 11 minutes after the gun, I cross the start line and head out.

Miles 1-6, I kept up with my sister and we stayed right near a 9-minute mile.  The Mile 4 aid station had run out of cups when we came by and they had the coolers on their shoulders telling people to run under to get a drink.  Seriously??

Miles 7-11, nothing much to say but I still can't believe how many people we have to bob and weave around.  I lost my sister at the Mile 8 water station where I had to come to a complete stop and wait for at least 45 seconds while they filled up a cup for me.  Are you SERIOUS?!?  I wouldn't have waited, but I had just choked down my GU and NEEDED to get rid of the thickness in my mouth before I gagged on anyone.

Mile 12 was a steady incline that got progressively steeper.  I put my head down and told myself that I wouldn't walk like all of the wimps around me - but some people were running in front of me and then would stop and I had to hurry around them before I ran them over.

Mile 13 leveled out and my legs felt dead.  The last quarter mile of the race was good though because I saw my hubby and got pumped about having a new best time!

13.1 miles completed in 2:04:15!  2 minutes faster than my previous best that I had set 4 weeks earlier!  Hooray for me! 

I guess the baby likes to run.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kill Me Now

Saturday's run was BAD.  And now I am NOT looking forward to the race this Saturday.  I'm actually kind of scared for it.

So, Saturday morning started with a yummy breakfast of eggs and toast.  The husband wanted to do a weight training DVD that we have, so we did that together and then we changed into our running gear and went out together.  Hubby only wanted to run 3 miles, so he did one lap of the lake with me (I kept up with him the whole time!) and then headed home.  I went for another lap and around 5.5 miles I started to suffer.  All of my energy was gone (used up in the first 4 miles, plus the 40 minute video full of squats and lunges).  Not the smartest move on my part, combining a long run with the weights, but I wanted to do both.  So I cut the third lap short and ended up running 8.5 miles, instead of the planned 10.  After the first 4 miles, my times got worse and worse as I did more and more walking.  My legs were dead and it was SO windy that my normal 10 minute-mile jog became a 12 minute shuffle.  BLAH.

This Saturday is probably my last half marathon for 2010.  It's kind of sad.  I really wanted to kill the course this year, but I know it isn't going to happen.  Oh well.  I still have a 10K and the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay to look forward to.  That 10K next week will be an automatic PR, no matter how slowly I go.

In pregnancy news, I have no symptoms to complain about.  I use the bathroom maybe a time or two more than normal during the day - but it isn't too big of a deal.  I always already going often from running and trying to drink plenty of water.  No nausea, no aversions to food (thank heaven!), and I haven't been tired... until Saturday.  I figure that's because I over did with the exercising, and now I'm still trying to catch up.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Do you like my little alien growing on the side?  It's special.

The doctor gave me the okay to keep running.  He said, "Pregnancy is not an illness or an injury, so keep running like normal, eating like normal and acting like normal."  And I plan to.  I know now is not the time to start training for a marathon or anything crazy, but I'm excited that he so heartily told me to keep doing what I am doing.  He is a runner himself and seemed pretty proud of the fact that I had already run 2 half marathons while knowing that I'm expecting.  I already love my doctor!

So tonight after work, I'll be running 4-5.  I'm excited for it!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Lost That Lovin' Feelin'

I haven't been running.  Is it because of an injury?  No.  Am I sick?  Not at all.  Burned out?  Maybe.  Pregnant?  Definitely.

Seriously... I am pregnant.  It's crazy and exciting for us, since we'd been trying for a year.  We found out the night before the Shamrock 1/2 marathon (and I'm 100% sure that THAT was the reason for my PR). 

Since the Riverton race, I haven't done anything.  I'm not having any pregnancy symptoms (that one episode of puking was NOT morning sickness, it was a result of taking a multi-vitamin on an extremely empty stomach), I'm not even tired... but I just have no motivation to run anymore.  I'm pretty sure it's because I know that I can't go as hard as I wanted to anymore. 

The few people that I've told that are runners have said that they were advised NOT to run much during their pregnancy, so maybe I'm just preparing myself for the worst case senerio.  I don't know what the deal is, but I'm hoping that after my first appointment on Wednesday that I will have answers and I will find my desire to run again.

Any suggestions for motivation?  Any advice on running during pregnancy?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Riverton Half Marathon

Ugh.  That's how I felt about/during/after this race.

Let's set the stage with breakfast at my parent's house. 

1 hour 15 minutes before race time:  Me, my hubby, my parents, my sister and her husband and little boy.  What's for breakfast?  Pancakes. 

45 minutes to race time: my stomach hurts like CRAZY.  Try to use the bathroom.  Nothing.  Try laying on my side.  Nothing.

15 minutes to race time.  Stomach still hurts, but we have to head over to the start (luckily, only 3 minutes from my parents house).  Husband drops me and sister off.  Start to feel a little on the queasy side.

2 minutes to start:  In the middle of talking to my sister (as we stand on grass, a little away from the 500 people grouped around the start line) my mouth suddenly fills with saliva.  So I spit.  And then quickly make a mad dash to the closest garbage can because breakfast is coming back up.

30 seconds to start (seriously!): feelings LOTS better.  Head over to get ready to run.

So, after all of that, my head was really NOT in this race and was preparing myself for a possible first time DNF.

This course was harder than I thought and I struggled quite a bit.  I kept up with my sister for the first 6 miles, but she lost me on a section of the course that was gravel/mud.  4 pretty intense hills throughout the course did not help me.  But I finished.  And I actually came in under the goal that I had set for myself of 2:15.  Finish time: 2:14:22.  (Hey, under is UNDER.)  Average pace of 10:15 per mile.  And I finished the last mile stronger than I felt.

But now, after I've been removed from the traumatic event for the last 12 hours, I really want to run this race again next year.  Even though it was hard for me.  I WILL do it again and I WILL do better.  It was a pretty small race, and so close to home (since we live only 10 minutes from the start line/my parent's house).  Plus the technical t-shirt that came with the entry fee (of only $30) is really nice and I love it (and I will be wearing it all day tomorrow).  And as an added bonus at the end of the race, the Chick-Fil-A cow was handing out coupons for free chicken salad sandwiches.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Shamrock Half Marathon

Sorry that it's taken me longer than normal to post about my race.  I was EXHAUSTED on Saturday and then just never got around to it yesterday.  And now I'm at work, so I don't have all of my stats from my Garmin to post along with this.  So this will be a short and boring recap.

I went into this race, not expecting to do very well.  I had a goal to finish under 2:15, but I didn't think that I would come in under 2:10.  The morning was COLD and I sat in the car with my husband for a long time before the race started.  I got to meet Alicia just a few minutes before start and that was fun for me.  Especially because she's a hugger and gave me a hug as soon as she saw me.  I like hugs.

I knew that I wouldn't be able to keep up with her, but after the start I kept her in my sights for the first 5 miles.  This was the smallest race that I've ever done (under 100 runners), and it was my first race completely by myself (I've run every other race with someone from my family or a friend). 

The first 6 miles were uneventful.  I was keeping a really good pace for me (I really wish that I had my stats!!!), but the beginning of races is where I always do well, so that wasn't a surprise. 

Mile 6 had an aid station and a Honey Bucket and I NEEDED a pit stop.  I also decided to try my first GU (I know, not the best idea to try something new in the middle of a race), so I only had half of it and then chugged some water and continued on my way.  Chocolate GU really isn't too bad and I actually kind of liked it. 

Mile 8 had an uphill that I hated with an aid station at the top and then gravel road on the way down.  I let it fly on the downhill even though I was tired from the uphill.

Mile 10 had me getting jumped on by a dog that wanted to play.  That scared the crap out of me because I was totally in the zone and didn't notice anything until the dog had jumped at me and then went back to its owner.  I was really loud with my "WHAT THE???"

Mile 11 I realized that I was going to beat my PR if I kept up the pace and I got really, REALLY excited.  I was NOT expecting this!

Mile 13, there's my hubby cheering for me and I have to yell at him that I'm going to get a new PR and then take off for the finish line.  I love to try to sprint at the end.  And I appreciate the 20 people at the finish that cheered for me.  What a small race!

Finish time: 2:06:33.  2 minutes 20 seconds faster than my current PR!  Wahoo for me!

I spent the rest of the day on the couch trying to sleep because I was so worn out.  Super sore all day long.  But yesterday was better and today I don't really have any pain anywhere.  I'm excited for this coming Saturday's race, but really plan to hold back and just take it easy.  This upcoming race is a tough course.

Hope you all had great weekends!