Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Band on the Run

I haven't run since that 10K over a week ago.  I'm waiting for a support belt/contraption to be delivered this week... but in the mean time, I've decided to start lifting weights.

On Saturday I started up ChaLEAN Extreme again.  It's a 90 day program that focuses on weight lifting to build muscle that will in turn burn fat and make you look lean and toned, without bulking you up (at least, that's the sell to women who don't have lots of testoterone to help them bulk up).  And I've been feeling mighty flabby lately.  I need to get my muscles ready to handle my 15 lb baby that I'm sure to have.

Seriously!  Look at this ginormous belly!!  Who looks that big at only 21 weeks without being pregnant with multiple babies?
You should all be jealous... we're going to Paul McCartney tonight!


Becca Lund said...

I want to do this ChaLEAN thing! Even toting around my 22 lb baby I am still flabby.
and psssh you are not big! you are adorable!

Sarah said...

Your belly is perfect! You don't look huge at all.

H Love said...

Ugh...I am jealous. My sister and I always use to sing the Pipes the Peace and Say Say Say to name a few. Your belly is perfect and you are a super star. Enjoy every minute!

Adam said...

not flabby at all!!

My wife is showing early too. She says it runs in her family? *shrugs*

Jams said...

At 21 weeks... you still look amazing! Yeah, so you're showing that baby... but it's all baby. You look great elsewhere. I'm going to check out this ChaLEAN thing... I need more strength training in my life.

Keep on doing what you're doing! And keep smiling!

The un-Zen Runner said...

I think you look pretty darn good, pregnant or not. That's awesome you got to go to a Paul McCartney concert. Wish the Beatles were still a band.

Beccarigg said...

I agree with the above comments, that belly is ALL baby, you look fit and skinny everywhere else! Seriously, adorable!