Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Race Report: Rivalry Run 10K

This was the first Saturday all summer that I was able to "sleep in".  And it was GLORIOUS!!!

The race started at 10am, which meant it was hot.  Oh, and we were almost late getting there because I always take forever to get ready.  I also forgot my bib and we had to go back to get it.  So we had about 60 seconds before the race started when we got out of the car.

The course was challenging, with plenty of uphill and downhill stretches.  The sun was high and made it feel hotter than it really was (that's what happens when you are used to running at 6am, before the sun is even up).  So I wasn't as fast as I wanted (again).

But it was a small race, so my 8:55 min/mile pace was good enough for first place in my age group and I have a new 10K PR of 55:28!

I know that I can run a faster 10K, so I'll just keep trying.  One of these days conditions will be perfect.

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Becca Lund said...

the next 10k I am making us leave 1 hour before the race starts and we will just stand there at the starting line until go time.