Monday, August 6, 2012

Race Report: SYTO Virtual 5K

You know what's fun?  When your Garmin won't turn on and you have a virtual 5K to "race".

My finish time is an estimate.  I use the Nike+ app on my phone to track all of my runs along with my Garmin, but the Nike GPS is ALWAYS off.  It makes me out to be a faster runner in less distance, which is always nice.  Except for race days.

My average pace according to Nike was 9:10/mile, so I rounded up to 9:20.

Finish time: 28:59.

Hooray for the middle of the freaking summer and running in 80ยบ+!!!


And then I ran 3 more miles home.

What an amazing, awe-inspiring race report, right??

... ... ... ... ...

Last year's Sweat Your Thorns Off included a picture of my foot.  This time you aren't so lucky.

Instead, I'll exploit the adorableness of my daughter some more.

Little miss Ketchup-Face after her dinner of french fries.

 Oh wow! Elk! In the middle of a suburban neighborhood?