Thursday, April 4, 2013

Oh, Hi Again

Oh hi there blogging world - yes, it's been four months since my last post.  And I'm sure none of you even noticed.

Want to know what I've been up to while I've been absent?

Photographing my first wedding. 
wedding details - purple calla lily groom's boutenierre, wedding ring detail shot with bride's shoes
Being a mom.

Now you're up to date!

... ... ...

I was supposed to run a half marathon two weeks ago, but the morning of the race I woke up to 6 inches of snow, along with an email from the race saying that they were cancelling because of the dangerous conditions.

While I was disappointed, I was also relieved because I had just developed a sinus infection with a nasty cough to go along with it.  So I probably would have killed myself trying to run 13 miles.

Since then I haven't been keeping up as well with my training, as I've been trying to get back to full health.  My daughter and I have shared plenty of sicknesses this winter season - and we're both just getting over a round of conjunctivitis.  Yay for daycare where the kids all share their germs!

I'm still in training for another half marathon that is in 5 weeks... and I'm hoping to KILL it, since it's an ALL downhill course.  I ran it last September and that's where I got my 1:55 half PR... so I'm hoping to take a few minutes off my time from last year, and hoping that I won't have to stop for a bathroom break mid-race again.

That's all for now I guess.