Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thorn Sweating + 5 Miles

The Boring Runner hosted a virtual 5K for Saturday morning.  I had 8 miles to run and planned to "race" my 5K the last 3.1 miles.

One thing I've learned in my years of running is that things don't always go according to plan on race day.

I finished my 8 miles in an hour and a half after stiff legging it to a gas station bathroom for three-quarters of a mile.  As I was using the facilities (I had a few minutes to ponder), I was trying to come up with a clever way to work it into my race report.  I wasn't getting much inspiration, so I got out (after peeling the toilet paper from my sweaty legs - you have to have a barrier, right?) and finished my run. 

I developed a blister after 4 miles, so I had that to help me home too.

You know you always wanted to see a picture of my foot.

So my plans to race home didn't work and I have to use my first three miles of my run.

Finish time for the Sweat Your Thorns Off Virtual 5K: 29:36.  Pretty weak.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monte Cristo

Raise your hand if you love Monte Cristo sandwiches.

*raises hand*

I made them on Father's Day for the hubby.

(extra special note: I am NOT a food blogger and therefore have horrid pictures of the food that I make)

They were OH SO DELICIOUS.  And easy.  And on diet - which made them even better!

So this "diet" "thing" is going well so far.  Have I ever even told you what it is?  Its The Abs Diet

Oh, but I'm not losing weight yet.  I'm gaining it. 

For the moment, I'm okay with gaining.  I've been lifting weights for the last 2 weeks and am gaining back the muscle that I lost during my 6 months of lazing around after having Baby K.

But if I'm still gaining by this time next week, I might have to freak out.

You have all been warned.

P.S. I did "speedwork" last night.  And trying to do 400m repeats on anything other than a track is not easy or enjoyable.

Monday, June 20, 2011

On the Wagon

Our diet plan allows us a cheat on one day per week.  We get to eat whatever we have been craving during our week long dieting... and boy, do I ever cheat!

Getting back on the wagon is easier said than done the next day.  Week days are much easier to diet because I am working all day and don't have access to the temptations that call my name all weekend long.

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

I have a half marathon in less than 9 weeks.  And I haven't been running.  That changes TONIGHT.  I just printed off a training plan that I, Whitney, do ever so solemnly promise to stick to until I cross that finish line on August 20th

And then I will start it right back up again for the next race that I have on November 5.  I have PR-crushing-dreams/plans for this race.

It will be mine.  Oh yes, it will be mine.  (Name that movie.)

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Katie's surgery went great and she did so well.  I couldn't get enough of her in her little gown.
She quickly charmed all of the staff and had many friends on her way out.
Diet related news - I had lost a pound, and then gained it back in 1.5 days stressing out about her surgery.  Yay for stress!

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Warm 3 Miles

I ran on Saturday.  I know, right?

I thought I should share since this is my running blog.




I suck at blogging.

The End.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


My diet consists of 12 groups of foods that I get to eat from 6 times a day.

Nuts (raw or dry roasted - no extras like salt)
Beans (the musical fruit)
Green vegetables
Low-fat/fat-free dairy
Instant oatmeal (plain-jane stuff)
Lean meats
Natural nut butters
Olive oil
Whole grains (carbs = deliciousness)
Whey protein powder

You can have other fruits and veggies and even juices too.

So, you know... it's basically all of the "normal" healthy foods that you SHOULD be eating, as opposed to refined flours and processed junk and greasy fast food and candy and soda (yes Adam, I call it soda - but I also grew up calling it pop).

Foods I can still eat on my diet:
ice cream
peanut butter on toast (my go-to breakfast)
Faux "Bran" Muffins
chocolate milk

And it's not like I CAN'T have sugar or refined flour... it just needs to be rarely.  I can live with that.

But it's only Day Three.  So far I don't feel like I'm missing anything... but we will see how I feel on Week Three.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Four Letter Word


I have never, ever in my life been on a diet before.

Until now.  Today is Day 2.

Can I check in here every week and let you know how I'm doing?  It's a 6 week plan and the goal at the end is a six-pack.

Yeah right.

I have several pounds to lose and a half marathon to train (better) for.

I also have a blog that I neglect.  Sorry about that.

So here's a question - you couple of people that actually read my blog - do you want to know about my new diet program, or should I just keep it to myself and only write about my (hopeful) weight loss once a week?