Thursday, June 9, 2011


My diet consists of 12 groups of foods that I get to eat from 6 times a day.

Nuts (raw or dry roasted - no extras like salt)
Beans (the musical fruit)
Green vegetables
Low-fat/fat-free dairy
Instant oatmeal (plain-jane stuff)
Lean meats
Natural nut butters
Olive oil
Whole grains (carbs = deliciousness)
Whey protein powder

You can have other fruits and veggies and even juices too.

So, you know... it's basically all of the "normal" healthy foods that you SHOULD be eating, as opposed to refined flours and processed junk and greasy fast food and candy and soda (yes Adam, I call it soda - but I also grew up calling it pop).

Foods I can still eat on my diet:
ice cream
peanut butter on toast (my go-to breakfast)
Faux "Bran" Muffins
chocolate milk

And it's not like I CAN'T have sugar or refined flour... it just needs to be rarely.  I can live with that.

But it's only Day Three.  So far I don't feel like I'm missing anything... but we will see how I feel on Week Three.


S Elliewood said...

I tried a diet like this a few years back: low GI. I'm not very good at dieting tho! I'm trying to lose weight in order to get faster at running, but it's hard to run and not go wild with carbs!

Beccarigg said...

Hey, I like any diet that still lets you eat ice cream! : ) This actually sounds really reasonable and smart. That's the kind of stuff our bodies were meant to eat anyway! Good luck and keep us posted on your results!

Kateka said...

Is this the ABS DIET? If so, I am a big fan of this diet (my favorite books to read are health/diet ones, but I practice none).