Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Four Letter Word


I have never, ever in my life been on a diet before.

Until now.  Today is Day 2.

Can I check in here every week and let you know how I'm doing?  It's a 6 week plan and the goal at the end is a six-pack.

Yeah right.

I have several pounds to lose and a half marathon to train (better) for.

I also have a blog that I neglect.  Sorry about that.

So here's a question - you couple of people that actually read my blog - do you want to know about my new diet program, or should I just keep it to myself and only write about my (hopeful) weight loss once a week?


Amanda said...

Yes, I say share it :) I'm semi dieting right now too...actually more like trying to be good and hoping for the best! :)

Jenn said...

yes please share....I am always interested to read what works for someone!

Katy said...

yes, share!

England said...

Is this the one I sent you? I am on day 10 and no carbs suck!!!!

Becca Lund said...

Yes and post before and after pictures of you in a swimsuit. Lol.

No but really, I want to know how/what you're doing, and then I will go sulk in the corner and eat a candy bar that I can't be healthy for the life of me. Wah.

Jessica (The Pace of Me) said...

Share!! We will want to cheer you on and support you. Encourage you when you feel like poop and celebrate with you when you see the pounds coming off! Losing weight is HARD, especially after having a baby. I have been through it three times and it is always a struggle. BUT - you CAN do it! I just did 6 weeks no sugar (with some weak moments, for sure!) and it worked for me. It was hard for sure, but it was worth it!!

Jams said...

Definitely share!!! It gives you the opportunity to share your victories and your struggles and we can all learn from each other!

Oh, and more pictures of the little one please too! :)

Momma Twitch said...

Share!! I'd love to read all about it. :)