Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monte Cristo

Raise your hand if you love Monte Cristo sandwiches.

*raises hand*

I made them on Father's Day for the hubby.

(extra special note: I am NOT a food blogger and therefore have horrid pictures of the food that I make)

They were OH SO DELICIOUS.  And easy.  And on diet - which made them even better!

So this "diet" "thing" is going well so far.  Have I ever even told you what it is?  Its The Abs Diet

Oh, but I'm not losing weight yet.  I'm gaining it. 

For the moment, I'm okay with gaining.  I've been lifting weights for the last 2 weeks and am gaining back the muscle that I lost during my 6 months of lazing around after having Baby K.

But if I'm still gaining by this time next week, I might have to freak out.

You have all been warned.

P.S. I did "speedwork" last night.  And trying to do 400m repeats on anything other than a track is not easy or enjoyable.


Jill Campbell said...

You can't talk about yummy sandwiches and not post a recipe. . . just sayin.

Kateka said...

I WIN!!! Yay go me. I know diets. I love the ABS DIET. BUT (and maybe you want to hear my opinion of it and maybe you don't, but here goes nothing!) it worked wonders on Stu but on me... not so much. He lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks and I lost about 8, which is still weight loss, but I was frustrated that I wasn't losing as fast as he was, so.... I sabotaged his diet by making him eat a donut... and after that it was all downhill for him and he gained all the weight back... I regret this majorly! AND my point is this... I actually really like the ABS DIET. It is smart and something you can keep up with (unless you have someone sabotaging your diet with tasty naughty donuts...). I found the ABS DIET FOR WOMEN and love that lots too.

Candice @ I Have Run said...

I love, love, love speedwork on the treadmill. I hope you learn to love it too. Although I admit I have never done it on the track.

And that sandwich looks sooooo good. I am raising my hand!!