Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How I Spent My {Summer Vacation}

Hello blogging world!  It's been a month since my last post on here.  Want to see what I've been up to?

We've been riding alpine slides.

I planted some carrots and beets in a pot on my patio.

We've been swimming almost every weekend.

Katie got her first pair of Nike's.
(via Instagram)

We've been watching some great movies.

Katie had her first pony ride.

My husband turned 30, so I threw him a surprise fiesta.

And, we've been enjoying the fruits of my parent's garden.

I've also been running.  Every Saturday and then maybe one other time during the week.  For some reason (like, staying up too late), I haven't been able to get up for my morning runs.  And that means that I'm not as trained as I would like for this weekend's half marathon.  I guess it's a good thing that it's all downhill, so I don't have to try as hard. Ha!

Since Labor Day usually marks the end of summer, I'm looking ahead and planning my fall racing.  So far (not counting this weekend's race) I'm signed up for a 10K, a 5 mile race, another half marathon and a 5K.  Plus a trip to Disneyland thrown in, just for fun.

Bring on the cooler weather, so that I actually enjoy running again!  Instead of sweating to death and feeling super slow.  It's time to focus on speed again.

And Zumba.  Because Zumba freaking rules.

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susette said...

It's fun to read local blogs and I have been following yours. Are you running Mt. Nebo by chance? I'll be trying that for my first time this year and looking so forward to hopefully some cool temps and some pretty sweet downhill running (it's my favorite)

You have a cute little family and it looks like your Summer has been good. Happy Running!!