Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bullet Point Thoughts

  • It seems like the only time I have a new blog post is after a race.  This "blog" has turned into a record of my races and how I felt.  I guess that's OK - I have a family blog that keeps up to date with what is going on in my life (or rather, my daughter's life).  And I have a new website and blog for my new business dream.

  • This running blog has mostly fallen by the wayside - and I'm pretty sure all of my "followers" have stopped following.  And that's OK - I wouldn't stay around either.  I've turned into a pretty boring writer.

  • I've also turned into a pretty boring runner.  A weekend warrior is more like it.  Long runs on Saturday mornings and MAYBE one other run during the week.  For the last month, it's basically been Saturday runs. 

  • I have a 5 mile race this Friday night and then a half marathon on November 3rd.  But between the two, I'll be spending my baby-that-isn't-a-baby's birthday in Disneyland.  And we'll be doing the travelling on the two Saturdays before my last half of the year.  Uh, I don't know how those long runs are going to work - but whatever. 

  • I'm ready for the racing season to be over.  I'm ready to sleep in on Saturday mornings, and not feel pressure for 10 and 12 mile runs.  Although, last week's 12 miler absolutely rocked!  I felt great and had a short walk around mile 7 to get some water and GU.  It's runs like that that keep me going on these training schedules (even if I don't stick to them).

  • I like ice cream.

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Jesse - Run To The Border said...

I still read, but I do so on my phone where it's seemingly impossible for me to comment (or I'm just too lazy to figure out how to make Google Reader work for me). But since you think everyone disappeared, I figured i should let you know otherwise.