Thursday, July 22, 2010


This Saturday is a Utah state holiday.  And right now, the countdown is on... I get off work at noon and have a 3.5 day weekend!  I am SO excited!  I have no plans, other than I'm going to enjoy myself.  If that means that I'm camped out on the couch all day tomorrow, filling my day with a Harry Potter marathon, or I get in a "nesting" mode and decide to clean the house from top to bottom... or if I decide to rack up some debt and go shopping for something for the nursery (can you believe that the ONLY thing I've bought for my little girl so far is boxes of diapers and wipes?  I need to start buying hairbows, so she can have one for every day of the year!).  Or maybe I'll go for a walk/run.

I haven't run since the 10K.  I keep thinking that I'm going to... but I don't.  I've been doing my weight training for 2 weeks now, but that's all.  I don't know if I can handle running any more.  After the 10K, I was sore for days... in an area that most of you don't want me to name, but I'm going to anyway.  BIRTH CANAL.  Sorry, but there you have it.  During a run my swollen uterus pounds on said BC, and it is VERY uncomfortable to say the least.  I might try it one more time (I did buy an awesomely fugly support belt that I need to test), but maybe I'll just content myself with walking. 

I ran for the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy and I pretty much ROCKED all of my races this year.  I am VERY happy with my accomplishments (so far) for 2010.


Jams said...

and PROUD, you should be! Whitney, you have remained active throughout your pregnancy, and if running causes BC pain, then you're right to slow it down to a walk, in my humble (never-had a child of my own) opinion! I've said it before and I'll say it again - you're my idol for when I do get pregnant!

I guess that means I have to get myself moving before that happens right? I'm in a slump... I digress...

Keep up the great work! :)

Adam said...

You're something like 4 weeks ahead of us and I feel like we've already paid for his college!! Between you and us we need to find a happy medium.

Christy said...

I love Utah holidays. It's like two 4th of July, one right after the other! mmm. Taffy.

So, I'm back in the blog world! Yay. We need to run again. I don't take pregnancy as an excuse. ;)

Buscando la Luz said...

I head ya on the discomforts of running with a bowling ball ramming into your nether regions! I made it to about six months during my last pregnancy before I said... OK... time to find another way to exercise!