Monday, July 19, 2010


I had my first experience of swollen ankles last week.

It scared me.

It sickened me.

My ankle bones had disappeared in a matter of minutes.

My husband laughed at me and started calling me "Cankles".

I told him to find a new place to sleep.


Jams said...

And he should have to buy you something pretty to earn his spot in the bed back.

L.B. said...

What's up with your hubby? He should know better.

Having said that I used to call my wife a noodle when she was pregnant. She pretty much had the energy and consistency of a wet noodle for 9 months. But I called her that with no malice :)

Beccarigg said...

Lol! He won't make that mistake again, especially if he wants more kids after this one ; )

Jill said...

Meany!! ;)
Hope the ankle's feeling better. And the Hubbs is not sleeping on the couch.

Anne said...

Bet he's not laughing anymore ;)
Hope the ankles heals fast!

Adam said...

hehe, I know better than to comment on this.

my wife said recovery socks helped her legs?