Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Poor Pitiful Me

I've been letting the weather be an excuse to skip runs for the last week.  Last night, the hubby wanted to run together, so we got in our gear and were ready to head up to our 3 mile trail and it started to rain.  I didn't want to give up so easy (actually, I really did, but I know that I need to run if I have a 10K race next weekend!), so we went over to our little clubhouse to take turns on the Dreadmill.  Oh treadmill - how I LOATHE thee!!!  I made Hubby go first, because he's a faster runner than me and I am really pathetic on a treadmill.  Those numbers get in my head and I get WAY too hot and start to freak out.  It's quite funny to watch (or so he tells me).  So I get on the recumbent bike and plug in a 20-minute program.  I went 4 miles in 20-minutes and I thought that was pretty pathetic (yes, I do have a road bike and love to cycle - I've done a few organized rides with my husband and dad - 70 miles being the longest ride).  And then when I got on the treadmill I made it 3 minutes before I had to jump off and use the bathroom.  Hooray for pregnancy!  And then... I made it 12 more minutes before I gave up.  I went a whopping 1.5 miles.

Treadmill: 1
Whitney: 0

And yet, I still think that if I had a treadmill in my own home, I would use it all the time and would be able to go longer.  And I really think that I could.  Because I could zone out to a movie (like say, Ironman or Lord of the Rings or Finding Nemo!) on my own TV, instead of whatever crap is on the 13 inch screen attached to the wall.

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Marathonman101108 said...

OK, first, "Poor Poor Pitiful ME" song is now stuck in my head. Thanks! Second, use your pregnancy as an excuse THIS TIME. I was going to call you a slacker, but won't this time. Next time, however....Get out there and RUN! :-)