Monday, April 19, 2010

Salt Lake City 1/2 Marathon

This was my fourth appearance at the SLC1/2.  Four years ago, this was my very first race that I had ever done, and now I have a hard time missing it.  It's become a tradition of sorts with my family, but this year had the least amount of participation from Family B.  Just me, my sister and her husband, and my dad.

The night before the race, I had a hard time falling asleep.  I get really wound up about this race for some reason.  So I think that I got MAYBE 6 hours - which isn't too big of a deal, but I normally get over 8, plus I'm pregnant, so I like my sleep.

Anywho, when we get up to the starting area, we have about 15 minutes before the race would start, so we jumped in the CRAZY port-a-potty lines.  Good heavens, every year that I do this race, the support and planning just get worse and worse.  I keep telling myself that I'm not going to do it anymore because I'm so fed up with how much they charge as an entry fee - and then they have the WORST support of any race that I've participated in.  I mean, what kind of an idiot doesn't plan to have enough CUPS at water stations?!  It was absolutely ridiculous - plus they were short on port-a-potties at EVERY station along the route.  There were lines that were more than 20 people long.  I'm oretty sure those people lost MINUTES from their time.

So I'm in the Honey Bucket line when the gun goes off.  Usually, once this happens, 80% of the people ditch from line to start running - but this year that didn't happen.  I guess everyone is catching on to the fact that it is chip-timed and your time doesn't start with the gun.  So 11 minutes after the gun, I cross the start line and head out.

Miles 1-6, I kept up with my sister and we stayed right near a 9-minute mile.  The Mile 4 aid station had run out of cups when we came by and they had the coolers on their shoulders telling people to run under to get a drink.  Seriously??

Miles 7-11, nothing much to say but I still can't believe how many people we have to bob and weave around.  I lost my sister at the Mile 8 water station where I had to come to a complete stop and wait for at least 45 seconds while they filled up a cup for me.  Are you SERIOUS?!?  I wouldn't have waited, but I had just choked down my GU and NEEDED to get rid of the thickness in my mouth before I gagged on anyone.

Mile 12 was a steady incline that got progressively steeper.  I put my head down and told myself that I wouldn't walk like all of the wimps around me - but some people were running in front of me and then would stop and I had to hurry around them before I ran them over.

Mile 13 leveled out and my legs felt dead.  The last quarter mile of the race was good though because I saw my hubby and got pumped about having a new best time!

13.1 miles completed in 2:04:15!  2 minutes faster than my previous best that I had set 4 weeks earlier!  Hooray for me! 

I guess the baby likes to run.


Stacey said...

Good job on new PR!! I tell myself everytime I won't run SL again too, and I always do..Devine racing is the absolute worst! Coolers on their shoulders?? Nice! Cute picture!

Staci Dombroski said...

Way to go!!!! I love the picture too ;)

L.B. said...

Awesome job!!! That you were able to PR with those nightmarish conditions. How can you run out of cups?? Isn't there a Target nearby? Couldn't someone have made a paper-cup run??

Momma Twitch said...

Way to go!!

Tara said...

Good job on that PR and while pregnant! Whoot!

Sorry about the cup and porta potty shortage...that blows.

Marathonman101108 said...

Next time read the race application fine print: BYOC/BYOW means Bring Your Own Cup/Bring Your Own Water. Nice job with the PR. Good the get the PR's while you can, meaning before you have added weight to slow you down! :-) Congrats, "Mom."

Lynn Baldwin said...

I used to beat you. Now you set the pace. Dad (aka Sandy Reno)

Adam said...

WOW! that is awesome. So, since you were running for 2, does that mean that you can put your PR as 1:02? I think so. Look out Ryan hall!!!

Christy said...

YOU ARE AMAZING!! Pregnant and you smoked your PR!! I need to run with you, for reals!

Blaine said...

Nice Job. That mile 12 is awful awful awful and to be right at the end. As I ran it, I kept telling myself that at least I wasn't at mile 25 and just hitting it.