Monday, June 7, 2010

Hot Legs

Thank you for the well wishes with our baby girl.  It's so funny, because as we went into the doctor's appointment, we were both sure that it was going to be a boy.  But we are SO excited for this baby.  We really didn't have a preference and all we want is a healthy baby.  Is that too much to ask for?  (By the way, this was an early look at the baby, and we go back in a few weeks for the big 20 week ultrasound where they look at all of the fingers and toes and heart and lungs... and there is still a small chance that Baby Girl could turn into a Baby Boy!)

Saturday morning I went out with plans for a 10K run (I've got the Wasatch Back relay in less than two weeks and I am NOT prepared for it!).  But the weather decided to turn into summer over the weekend I wasn't ready for the heat.  So I crapped out and only did a 5K.  But at least I got out there, right?

It was a slower pace.  I had to walk after 2 miles, to make sure that I didn't overheat.  Next time I go out, I will go a couple of hours earlier.  Dang Utah weather decided to go from the 60s to the upper 80s over the last 4 days and I really don't do well in the heat.


L.B. said...

We wanted a girl as well the first time (actually, I only wanted girls, both times) but we didn't find out the gender until a few days before the delivery. She was breeched and had to do a c-section but that worked out okay I guess, as okay as it can work out.

But yeah, I really only wanted a healthy baby, not that my feelings would have changed regardless but still, for the baby's sake I wanted a healthy child.

Congrats again.

And as for the heat, I am definitely feeling you on that one. The heat is already making things a bit difficult and we haven't even reached the hot part of the year yet. We're still in June gloom mode, and once we get into July it's going to crack triple digits I'm sure. Of course, I've got a 22-miler slated for the Fourth of July. Yay for a 4:30 a.m. wake-up call that morning :(

Jill said...

Yeah, this heat takes a lot of getting used to; I don't acclimate as well as I should and my running always tanks around now. But it just means a quicker time come fall. Great job sticking with the 5K, that baby girl's going to come out with running shoes on :).

Adam said...

yeah! what is up with this heat lately!? Nice work getting out there either way.