Friday, June 25, 2010

Out of a Hitchcock Movie

Last night, I talked my husband into going for a walk with me.  We went up to the little lake that I love and did the top half, then he wanted to go home - so I said that I would walk home and he could leave (I didn't really feel too bad - he works on his feet for 10 hours a day, whereas I sit on my butt for 9 hours a day).  So I start heading home and decide to jog until I get to the bottom of the hill.

At the bottom I'm walking along under some trees, minding my own business.  Then I hear birds above me.  2 birds.  That obviously had a nest in a tree.  And they obviously think that I'm a coming after them ("Serpent!  SER-PENT!!" - Name that Disney movie and you get 10 gold stars) and they start to fly above me and come for my head! 


So I start to run again.  And I'm watched by at least 7 cars that are waiting at the intersection.  I'm pretty sure that I have my hands over my head at one point.

I barely escaped with my life.

The End.


Connie Baldwin said...

You definitely did have a harrowing experience.... Do you think people were laughing at you?

Staci Dombroski said...

I would have loved to see that :) I hope you have a great weekend!

Jill said...

Oh my...funny about the birds! Happy Weekend!!

England3 said...

Nice. I love strange runs. I will have to tell you about the dog that followed me and Jenn and then we got sick of it and locked it in someone's backyard. (this was at 7am on a saturday) Anyway, the movie would be Alice in Wonderland.