Friday, August 27, 2010

Virtual Race

I'm "racing" in a virtual 5K tomorrow.  I will be walking.

I am VERY excited.  And I think it's because it's a "race" (and I wasn't planning to race again in 2010).

I even made myself a bib.  Because I'm cool like that.

Full race report coming tomorrow!  I'm still trying to figure out a "course".  It will most likely be the treadmill.


Jams said...

Yay! You're going to win it! You know why? Cause you rock!

Jessica said...

woohooo! go you! i love that you made a bib for yourself. i also really really love your upbeat and positive attitude about continuing to MOVE while pregnant. i'm a couple of months behind you and am just so inspired by this and hope that when i'm as far along as you are i am as energetic and determined as you are :O) have fun tomorrow!

Jill said...

That's so cool you made your own virtual bib!! Good luck, I'll be cheering you on!!! :)