Monday, October 11, 2010


I woke up Saturday morning to my husband saying, "It's your baby shower today - it feels kind of like Christmas!"

I completely agree!


Jill said...

Be still my pink heart!!!! Totally awesome!!

Adam said...

Baby call!? That is awesome. I totally thought that it said "booty call"..... :)

Jennifer P said...

That is some serious pink - gorgeous! It looks like you're all set. I found your blog off of Mile Posts' blog and wanted to offer my support in the whole baby weight battle. It WILL come off. And you sound just like me - at one point I put on 9lbs in 2 weeks as well. Ends up it was all water but it was a bit of a reality check for my eating habits.
Hang in there - you're in the home stretch!

marmot said...

Its so nice to feel the Christmas season! Love the pink collections! :)