Friday, October 8, 2010

Try Not to Stress

I had a doctor's appointment this morning.  34 weeks (tomorrow).  My blood pressure is up.  Kind of high.  Oh, and I gained 9 lbs in two weeks.  And I'm swollen.

He didn't say it, but I know that he was thinking it: Preeclampsia/Pregnancy Induced Hypertension.  All that he said was that he wanted to see me next week, instead of in two weeks.

So, hopefully this will be motivation for me to start exercising again (walking only, of course) and will help me eat better.  Not that I've been eating really bad... but I haven't been paying attention to how much sodium I've been taking in, until Thursday morning when I had gained 3 lbs from the day before after eating Mexican food for dinner. 

And now I can't get my wedding band off my finger.

So - you know - it's a good start to the weekend.  BUT!  My very first baby shower is tomorrow and I can't wait!

Oh, and the doctor thought that the baby might be breech (feet first, instead of head first), so I got to see my baby girl for about 45 seconds. She's head down - thank HEAVEN. And what I thought was her butt stuck in my ribs is actually her little feet. I could see her little toes on the screen. They look very cute.


Momma Twitch said...

Baby showers are always fun. Have a great time!

I wouldn't worry, I bet it's like you said..too much sodium. Everything will be fine. :)

Amanda said...

Happy Baby Shower day!!

I had the same problems at the end of both my pregnancies. Lots of water, lower sodium intake, and try doing some deep breathing relaxation before your appointment. Also keep those legs up and rest!

Jill said...

Oh gosh, I hope everything will be ok. It WILL be ok, just be positive! Isn't it crazy how bad Mexican food is for us? But oh so good! That's so fun you got to see your little girl :).

Jessica said...

i'm thinking about you!!! have a great time tomorrow - baby will be here sooooon!!!

Anne said...

Do take care Whitney and have fun at your baby shower :)

Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

Okay so maybe it's the weather this year?! I have never had problems with swelling with either of my other two pregnancies and this time around I can barely get my wedding ring off when I get it on. Most days I just leave it off and say the heck with it. My weight also has been crazy up and down. Don't forget that it depends on what time of day you are getting weighed and what you have already eaten, etc. I'd like to think that my last weigh in was particularly high after only two weeks because I was wearing a heavy necklace and uggs - haha.

Adam said...

Hopefully everything will turn out OK. Keep us posted on what the doctor says!