Saturday, March 27, 2010

Riverton Half Marathon

Ugh.  That's how I felt about/during/after this race.

Let's set the stage with breakfast at my parent's house. 

1 hour 15 minutes before race time:  Me, my hubby, my parents, my sister and her husband and little boy.  What's for breakfast?  Pancakes. 

45 minutes to race time: my stomach hurts like CRAZY.  Try to use the bathroom.  Nothing.  Try laying on my side.  Nothing.

15 minutes to race time.  Stomach still hurts, but we have to head over to the start (luckily, only 3 minutes from my parents house).  Husband drops me and sister off.  Start to feel a little on the queasy side.

2 minutes to start:  In the middle of talking to my sister (as we stand on grass, a little away from the 500 people grouped around the start line) my mouth suddenly fills with saliva.  So I spit.  And then quickly make a mad dash to the closest garbage can because breakfast is coming back up.

30 seconds to start (seriously!): feelings LOTS better.  Head over to get ready to run.

So, after all of that, my head was really NOT in this race and was preparing myself for a possible first time DNF.

This course was harder than I thought and I struggled quite a bit.  I kept up with my sister for the first 6 miles, but she lost me on a section of the course that was gravel/mud.  4 pretty intense hills throughout the course did not help me.  But I finished.  And I actually came in under the goal that I had set for myself of 2:15.  Finish time: 2:14:22.  (Hey, under is UNDER.)  Average pace of 10:15 per mile.  And I finished the last mile stronger than I felt.

But now, after I've been removed from the traumatic event for the last 12 hours, I really want to run this race again next year.  Even though it was hard for me.  I WILL do it again and I WILL do better.  It was a pretty small race, and so close to home (since we live only 10 minutes from the start line/my parent's house).  Plus the technical t-shirt that came with the entry fee (of only $30) is really nice and I love it (and I will be wearing it all day tomorrow).  And as an added bonus at the end of the race, the Chick-Fil-A cow was handing out coupons for free chicken salad sandwiches.


EricaH said...

Sorry you had a tough time pre race but I am thoroughly impressed with the fact that you ran the race at all and came in under your planned time so congratulations for running such a great race, your a rockstar. :)

Momma Twitch said...

2.14! Great job!!!

Allie said...

You freaking rocked. It was the hardest course I have ever done and it's funny because when I finished I said I'd never do it again and I'm with you tonight "Hmmm.....I think I might do that again!" are amazing!

Jen said...

Completely own that it is under your goal time.... 2:14 is GREAT!!!!

kilax said...

Oh my gosh! You did great, especially after your... interesting morning ;)

How cool that it is so close, only $30 and you got a great tee. I would do it next year too!

blaine said...

Nice job on the race. There were a couple pretty good hills in that race, but overall a nice course.

Alicia said...

I can't believe you threw up 30 sec. before the start. You are hardcore, my dear! Great job toughin' it out.

Jill said...

That's awesome, girl!! I am so in awe that you puked and then ran a half marathon, and beating your goal time to boot!! You are my hero, congratulations!!!