Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well, I won't be running a very fast 5K next week.  I tried running today like I was in a race (it just isn't the same when you are by yourself).  I wanted to see what I could reasonably set as a 5K goal.  And after today... I'm going to say that if I get under 27 minutes, I will be proud of myself.  I'm so flipping slow! 

And you would think that maybe this would motivate me to start doing speed work... but no.  No it won't. 


Christy said...

My 5K PR is 26:21. You can totally get under 27 minutes!! If I can do it, you can!

Jill said...

The race itself will help pump up the endorphins and will kick ya under a 27...have faith :). And then when you're done, hop on the speed work train - it's actually kinda fun and a big break in the monotony of just everyday miles! Good LUCK!!!

Tara said...

You will totally get under 27 minutes, your only a few seconds off and like Jill said, endorphins will kick in!

I totally hate speedwork myself. Yuck!