Wednesday, March 3, 2010


4 miles today at lunch.  I didn't do as well as I had hoped, but any run is a good run for me, so I'm not that disappointed.  I had a headwind on my way back and you can see where that and the slight uphills were affecting me.
Why yes, I am quite slow.  Thank you for noticing.
In other workout news, my husband and I have just started a 90 day weight training program similar to P90X.  It's called ChaLEAN Extreme.  Have any of you heard of it?  We did it together from November to January before we went to Costa Rica (sidenote: Costa Rica is so fabulous and everyone should go there!) and we've started it up again.  Of course, my husband had better results than me at the end of the 90 days, but he's a man.  And I would have had better results, if I would have been running with it, and eating better.  But really, who eats well from November to January??  Then again, when do I EVER eat well??


Teamarcia said...

Just found your blog! hey 4 miles is 4 miles. That's more than I did today. Never heard of Chalean.

Tara said...

I've never heard of ChaLEAN. What is it?

Oooo...Costa Rica sounds wonderful. I've heard some good things about how pretty it is. Lucky girl!!

Good job on your lunch time 4 miler. You aren't slow!!!