Thursday, June 7, 2012

A New Way to Cross-train

You know what's fun? Zumba.

I went to a class last night with my good friend/neighbor and I will admit that I was kind of nervous about it. I have NO rhythm for Latin dancing (which I had heard is what Zumba is most made up of), plus I have a muffin top that pokes out over my shorts and my tops are all a little too snug. But this class was SO MUCH FUN. Yes, I didn't know what the heck I was doing a lot of the time, so I would just wiggle around and get "jiggy with it" until they were doing moves that I could do. The overhead lights were turned off and we had a disco ball, so it was darker and that made me feel a lot more comfortable. But the people in the class are what surprised me the most. I figured it would all be 20-somethings in sports bras, but there was a surprising mix of women there: big, small, skinny, overweight, older, younger. And one VERY enthusiastic dude. Seriously - the dude was what made it so fun (and hilarious). His moves were a LOT better than me and he was so excited to be there! Yelling out to try to pump people up and jumping all over the place. His salsa moves were REALLY quite good and I found myself being jealous.
So anyway, if you've ever wondered about a Zumba class - you should go and try it. It's fun and a pretty good workout. You know how they tell you that it burns 500-800 calories an hour... um, no. But I did burn about 350 in 45 minutes.

That's almost as good as a run, but running doesn't include a disco ball.

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