Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

OK, so last week's "experience" wasn't as bad as I made it out to be.  I forget that readers can't gather my sarcasm/joking/dramatics just from my words.

Anyway, running has slowed WAY down since the half marathon.  I've still been getting out on Saturdays for long runs, but mid-week runs have all but disappeared.  I guess I've just needed a little break before I start back into another training plan.  My next half marathon is in July and the training officially starts when I'm on vacation in 2 weeks.  So I'll be taking my running shoes along with me and experiencing runs at sea level - I should be AWESOME!

This Saturday, my husband and I are running a 10K together.  But I won't have my personal photographer for this race, which is a bummer.  I'll just have to make due with pictures from my phone.

In other news, my baby is going to be 18 months old on Friday.  And I love her.


Becca Lund said...

guess what! Since I'm not running, I can come be your professional photographer for this race, and cheer you on!!!

Lynn Baldwin said...

Yay for Becca --- thanks for filling in.

Jill said...

18 months already? Wow!!! Time definitely flies. She is just soooo cute :).

Good luck with the 1/2 better way than to start off while on vacation!!

Jesse - Run To The Border said...

18 months? I feel like it was just last month that I was reading that you were pregnant!