Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Riverton Half Marathon {in pictures}

Mile 1.5

Mile 3.5-ish

Mile 4.5 - ish

Mile 8.5

Mile 13 (my husband took pictures)

Finish line
Trying not to fall over...

My running partner, who trained all winter with me and finished her SECOND half marathon with a 4 minute PR of 2:07!


alli said...

You look so good Whitney! I miss running and racing. The most I can do is 2 maybe 3 miles at a very SLOW pace. Good job again!

Lynn Baldwin said...

I want to know what you are listening to in each of the photos. Great job on the run by the way. I miss running with you.

Teamarcia said...

Congrats on a great race and PR! Beautiful pics!

Tara said...

Hey! Congrats on that PR girl!

I know it's disappointing to not get what you were going for, but like you said, you left everything out on that course and that is a good thing.

I love the pic of you stretching in front of the baby stroller, cute smile. :)

Tricia said...


Jill Campbell said...

You look awesome! Not that you didn't look awesome before, but I haven't seen you since October. And well anyway, you definitely have your body back. Woot, woot!