Monday, March 5, 2012

How I Spent My {February}

Number of runs: 15

Miles run: 75 (I really need to up my mileage)

Average pace for the month: 9:28

Calories burned: 7100

...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...

Not to mention a million new outfits for a growing little girl.


England said...

You guys have an H&M now!? I need to go!!!!

Tara said...

She looks adorable, can't wait until I have a little one again. I love H&M!

Congrats on your 5K race (post below). Sorry you were 2 seconds off your PR, but that's a nice pace!

Pining for Pinterest said...

What a precious picture! It makes me want to have another one :) I do not thinf my husband will go for that though!