Friday, January 28, 2011

My Superficial Reason for Running

With a blog title like that, I'm sure that you are expecting my confession to be about how I want running to turn my body from muffin-top flab to rock-hard minx.

And while I would love for that to be the case... I am aware that it is not going to happen.  Not while I'm enjoying 5lbs of chocolate and gallons of ice cream.  I'm okay with that.

No - the driving force behind my runs is bragging rights.   

You see, I have family and friends that are easily impressed - so my declaration of completing 9 races in 2010 leaves many in awe.

And I just eat it up.

Yes, I also enjoy many other things about running.  I love to race (even though "race" is a relative term for my 10 minute mile pace), I love the cardio benefits, I love the "me" time, and I really love the automatic love for other runners out there.

But most of all it's the collection of t-shirts and medals that I have.  And I'll keep running and racing to add more to them.


Jams said...

Maybe one day we can run a race together... I'm still in awe that you ran a race while you were pregnant! :)

Keep it up lady!

Jill said...

Those are great reasons to run - I love your competitiveness! :)

have a great weekend...hope baby is doing awesome!!

England3 said...

Running post baby just adds another driving force. Thats why I keep going and why I am already looking forward to my next race. (post baby, of course) We need to plan a summer one we can do together. And you have to come here and do the "Just Cause" half in November.