Monday, July 11, 2011


I ran 8 miles on Saturday.  It was hot and I was sweaty.

... ... ...

Changing gears...

... ... ...

I grew up in a town that my boss lovingly refers to as "the armpit of Idaho".  And in that armpit, I rode horses.

I love horses.

We (being my parents and I) moved to Utah when I was 14 and about to start the 9th grade.  So in the last 12 years, the only time that I get to ride horses is when I pay an arm and a leg to go plodding along on a 20+ year old "trail horse" in places like, the Oregon Coast or Yellowstone.
Oregon Coast 2007
Yellowstone 2008
Star Valley, WY 2009

Anyway, the point that I'm getting to is that I got to go horseback riding last week.  At the same place where I had spent 9 of my first 14 years riding several times a week.

And Katie had her first horse ride.
And she loved it.

Like Mother:
Like Daughter:


Sarah said...

How gorgeous!

Jill Campbell said...

Loved your post. Love horses too. I too rode til I was about 14 and then not that often. I miss it.

Beccarigg said...

Too stinking cute! She looks like a natural up there!