Friday, March 4, 2011

A Very ABC Post

Guess what?  I'm copying everyone else that has posted this.  Feel free to skip, because - you know - you don't really want to know any of this about me.

(A) Age: Just turned 26

(B) Bed Size: Queen

(C) Chore You Hate: Cleaning bathrooms - that is why I have mold growing in most of my toilets at the moment.  Don't judge me.

(D) Dogs? We put down the family dog of 15 years in 2008 and it was a traumatic experience for me that I don't wish to go through again any time soon.  
(E) Essential Start Your Day Item: A HUGE glass of skim milk.  Seriously.

(F) Favorite Color: Purple

(G) Gold or Silver? I always hated yellow gold, but it's growing on me.  My wedding rings are white gold.  And they are scratched up.

(H) Height: 5'4"

(I) Instruments You Play: the piano - but very poorly.  I took guitar lessons, but can't play anything.  I had a drum set, but never learned to keep the beat.  I occasionally played my dad's bass guitar during band practice, but never really learned a full song.  What band practice, you ask?  Oh, I was a singer in my dad's blues band.

(J) Job Title: Receptionist/Personal Assistant.  Mommy.

(K) Kids: Katie - 4 months
 (L) Live: South Jordan, UTAH - but I was born and raised in S.E. Idaho.

(M) Mom's Name: Connie

(N) Nicknames: Whit - and that is all.

(O) Overnight Hospital Stays? Only when Katie was born.

(P) Pet Peeve: Dear Smokers, the world is NOT your ashtray!

(Q) Quote from a Movie: "I'm a sailor! I sail!  Ahoy!" - What About Bob?

(R) Right or Left Handed? Right

(S) Siblings: 3 older sisters
 (T) Time You Wake Up? Whenever Katie wakes me up

(U) Underwear: Yes, I do wear underwear.

(V) Vegetable You Dislike: The majority.  It's not something that I'm proud of either.  I really wish that I liked things like celery, peppers, onions, tomatoes (fruit/vegetable - whatever).

(W) What Makes You Run Late: Katie.  She always chooses the moment that I want to walk out the door to fill up and blow out her diaper.

(X) X-Rays You've Had Done:  When I was 4, I received a hairline fracture in my leg from my very nice sisters.  Who talked me into jumping off the bed onto a blanket that they proceeded to rip out from under me.

(Y) Yummy Food You Make: Chicken Enchilada Soup - I am currently obsessed with it.

(Z) Zoo, Favorite Animal: The big cats and the bears.


tahoegirl said...

I want some of that soup. Now.

I like these posts.

L.B. said...

SE Idaho? Funny. My wife went to school there, first at Ricks (when it was Ricks) and then to ISU. I went there once with her. We visited a potato museum in Blackfoot. A potato museum!!

Jill said...

I'm kinda with ya on the veggies, but I am trying (just ate a big salad...but it was boring and mostly just lettuce).

Candice @ I Have Run said...

Yay for your treadmill. And I have the same pet peeve!

Glad you wear underwear. I have a post coming up about this actually =)