Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Race Report: Vigor 13.1

I ran a race.

You know, it's the only time that I update this darn blog.

The Saturday before Mother's Day, I woke up at 3am for my first half marathon of the year.  Caught a bus at 4am and waited around at the start line until 5:30am when they made us walk about a mile and a half down to the start line.

As we were dropping gear at the start line I found another local blogger was pacing for a 1:50 finish time.  My previous best time was 1:55, and quite frankly I haven't been doing very well with my training this year, so I thought that I might stick it out with him for as long as I could, knowing that I always drop off pace at the end of a race.

I hate typing up long race reports - so here's the condensed version. We started behind the 2:00 pacer, but caught up to 1:50 by mile 3.  We stayed with him the ENTIRE race and in the last mile he told us (us being me and my best running partner, next door neighbor, photography mentor/partner, best friend, Becca whom I've run several races with in the last 18 months) to get in front of him and we did.

The course was short this year (last year it was long), so between mile 12 and 13 was super fast and suddenly we were rounding the corner to finish line.  There was my husband and my two year old.  Becca sped up and I slowed down.

But I think going slower at the end was worth it. :)


Finish time: 1:46:45

Blaine, thanks for helping me to a 10 minute personal best!  And thanks for being my newest friend on Facebook.

Do I have anymore races coming up this year?  Not really - maybe something on the 4th of July.  Then the traditional November race in Idaho with family.  I'm kind of taking a break from paying for races this year.

So you might not hear from me for a couple of months.  Let's be Facebook friends, or follow my Photography blog/Facebook page.

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Blaine said...

You were awesome. It was fun being able to chat the entire time and to see you get a great new PR. AWESOME !!!